November 2014 Toyofuji Holds Bon Voyage Concert 2014 Celebrating Company's 50th Anniversary
On November 27th, the 2014 Toyofuji Bon Voyage Concert was held at Aichi Prefectural Art Theater's Concert Hall, the sixteenth such concert that Toyofuji has sponsored.

The first part of this concert commemorating the 50th anniversary of Toyofuji Shipping's establishment featured the theme music from "Leaders," a television drama modeled on Kiichiro Toyoda, well-known as the founder of Toyota Motor Corporation. The performance of this orchestral arrangement was conducted by the music's composer, Mr.Akira Senju.

In the second part of the program, the audience enjoyed internationally active conductor Toshio Yanagisawa leading the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra in a number of the splendid Strauss waltzes performed annually at the "New Year's Concert" in Vienna and brought together here to mark the beginning of the company's new era.

Inside the hall, attendees also were able to view an exhibit of more than thirty valuable photograph panels made available by TBS Television, depicting scenes from the shooting of "Leaders."

November 2014 Special Lecture by Meiko Trans Co., Ltd. Chairman Jiro Takahashi Held
On November 11, Meiko Trans Co., Ltd. Representative Director and Chairman Jiro Takahashi presented a special lecture entitled "The History of Nagoya Port" to a total of approximately 100 guests invited to attend the lecture at Toyofuji Shipping's PR Hall. Chairman Takahashi discussed events from establishment of the Port of Nagoya in 1907 (Meiji 40) to the present day and talked about the port's development in supporting logistics in the Chubu region.

Chairman Takahashi presented a fascinating lecture based on his own experiences, drawing on many precious historical photographs held by the Nagoya Port Authority and others while speaking about the circumstances surrounding organization of the harbor corporation during the chaotic period following the war to the establishment of a new port, the strategy of leveraging the port's location as a facility situated between the Kanto and Kansai regions, the devastating Isewan Typhoon, and a diverse range of other interesting topics.

The lecture wrapped up with Chairman Takahashi describing the concept of further developing not only the Port of Nagoya, but the overall regional community, capping an unforgettable speech to those of us affiliated with the Port of Nagoya.

November 2014 Toyofuji Exhibits at Messe Nagoya 2014
November 2014 Toyofuji Exhibits at Messe Nagoya 2014 Toyofuji participated in the four-day "Messe Nagoya 2013" held November 5-8 at Port Messe Nagoya on Nagoya Port's Kinjo Pier. This was Toyofuji's ninth appearance at this trade show since the event was first held.

Launched in 2006 under the sponsorship of the Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya City governments and the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Messe Nagoya is a comprehensive international trade fair where innovative ideas and information on products, technologies, and services from a wide range of business and industries active in Aichi Prefecture are disseminated to the rest of Japan and around the world. This year's fair attracted a record 888 exhibiting firms and 66,975 visitors.

The Toyofuji Shipping booth this year focused mainly on the history of Toyofuji Shipping over the 50 years from the company's founding on up to the present day. Activities included video presentations showing the ship entering and leaving the port as seen from on board the ship, the Panama Canal as seen from the ship, and the process of loading the new transported vehicles in the hold. In addition, visitors were able to experience how vehicles are fastened in the hold with the ship's onboard stowing gear and the process of working through the loading plan preparation system, with guidance by Toyofuji staff.

September 2014 Toyofuji Holds On-Board Disaster Drill Demonstration
On September 30, Toyofuji Shipping held the company's "27th On-Board Disaster Drill Demonstration" on the HOTOKU MARU, in port at Berth I-2 at the Meiko Center. The drill was conducted under the instruction of the Nagoya Coast Guard Office, with assistance provided by ship management firms, and was attended by some 80 representatives from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's Chubu District Transport Bureau, Tokai Municipal Fire Department, Toyota Motor Corporation, and cargo shippers, port services companies, and other affiliated companies in the marine transport industry.

The aim of the disaster drill was to improve the skills of crew members in fire prevention and minimizing damage in the event of a fire. The scenario involved a fire breaking out in the cargo hold and initial efforts to extinguish the fire with fire extinguishers and water. Under the assumption that personnel may be injured in fighting a fire, the exercise also included a helicopter dispatched by the Chubu Airport Coast Guard Air Station, with Coast Guard divers hoisting the "injured" to the helicopter.

Following the drill, Nagoya Coast Guard Office Director Hidemi Hasegawa commented he was impressed by the "superior awareness of regular, daily safety measures, evident in the of entire crew's coordinated effort, clear, powerful vocal communications, and vigorous, well- commanded action."

Positioning this training as the kick off of "Zero Accidents Campaign" (from October 2014 through March 2015), Toyofuji Shipping remains committed to the active promotion of accidents prevention activities.

September 2014 Toyofuji Special Lecture Held (Speaker: Yasumori Ihara,Toyota Motor Corp. Executive Vice President)
Individuals from shipping companies and collaborating firms were invited to a Toyofuji Special Lecture by Toyota Motor Corporation Executive Vice President Yasumori Ihara, held Wednesday, September 24 at Midland Hall. Entitled "Toyota Motor's Global Strategy," the lecture was attended by 180 guests, including employees of Toyofuji Shipping.

Mr. Ihara began the lecture with a description of reforms since the Lehman Shock that Toyota Motor Corporation has implemented to deal with critical issues in the Toyota No. 2 region (emerging nations), which Mr. Ihara currently oversees. He followed this with accounts of measures to correct problems in the Toyota No. 1 region (advanced countries) and spoke about the characteristics and environmental changes in the Toyota No. 2 region, an area of high potential for growth. The descriptions were easy for the audience to grasp, with Mr. Ihara considering cases in each market from various angles and relating a number of anecdotes with enthusiasm, making this a highly memorably and instructive lecture for all the attendees.

Mr. Ihara wrapped up the lecture on a note about achieving "dreams," with his message comprising three elements: (1) discovering problems through the "genchi-genbutsu" onsite, hands-on method; (2) looking ahead to set and proceed to work on the most suitable overall targets; and (3) having each individual take action with an awareness of the parties involved.

June 2014 Announcement Regarding Transfer of Directors
Toyofuji has made the following provisional changes in the Board of Directors. The final decisions will be determined at the 62th annual shareholders meeting to be held June 19, 2014 and the subsequent meeting of the Board of Directors.
Details:Company Guide   Board of Directors

May 2014 50th Anniversary Global Meeting
From May 15 to 18, the company held the "6th Toyofuji Global Meeting" attended by a total of 77 guests, including individuals from agents at Toyofuji's ports of call, local corporate partners, overseas corporations, branch offices, and local office representatives. This four-day event was held to report on the 50th anniversary of our company's founding to our Overseas Sales Center's domestic and foreign shippers and agents as well as indicate our gratitude to them, with the aim of recognizing anew our strengthening links and mutual development and communicating the Toyofuji Vision both at home and abroad.

April 2014 Toyofuji Shipping 50th Anniversary Appreciation Party
On the evening of April 8, Toyofuji Shipping held a "50th Anniversary Appreciation Party" attended by guests including government officials, shareholders, shippers, individuals from partner firms, ship owners, and other friends of the company.

The ceremonies included President Komada's welcome address, words of congratulation from Toyota Motor Corporation Vice President Yasumori Ihara and other guests, and the traditional breaking open of a sake cask. This successful event was capped by Executive Vice President Chiba's message of gratitude, a declaration of the company's promises for the upcoming fifty years made by three young representatives, and then farewells as employees saw off the guests.

April 2014 Toyofuji Shipping Holds Ceremony Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Company's Founding
Toyofuji Shipping held a "50th Anniversary Ceremony" celebrating the founding of the company at the Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel on April 8. The event was attended by a total of 190 guests including government officials, shareholders, shippers, individuals from partner firms, ship owners, and other friends of the company.

The ceremonies included President Komada's welcome address, screening of a DVD of Toyofuji's 50-year history, a congratulatory speech by Fujiki Kigyo Chairman Yukio Fujiki, and a special commemorative lecture by Toyota Motor Corporation Honorary Chairman Fujio Cho entitled "Thoughts on Logistics: Origins of the Toyota Production System."

April 2014 Toyofuji Shipping Holds 2014 Safety Convention
The 2014 Toyofuji Shipping Safety Convention was held on April 8, 2014.

Attending the convention and observing the safety activities were special guests from Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Transportation Co., Ltd., as well top executives from partner port services companies and other affiliated companies in the marine transport industry. This convention, held as Toyofuji celebrates the 50th anniversary of the company's establishment, featured a retrospective of our safety activities, reports on results of safety activities from the previous fiscal year, and plans for safety activities for the current year, with the entire company office staff, harbor and ship employees, and executives working as one to ensure solid teamwork through awareness of the ties between us, firmly establish safety consciousness through grassroots activities, and reinforce our organizational structures, while confirming plans to further improve our safety activities.

The latter part of the program included an awards presentation, with awards for harbor transport operations and vessels with zero accidents in the last fiscal year along with Toyota Motor Corporation commemorating our 50th anniversary and presenting us the "Toyota Special Award" as a partnering firm that has provided support for the safe handling and marine transport of Toyota vehicles ever since our company's founding.

Going forward, we will continue to work tirelessly with our partner companies in promoting "total safety in the workplace."

April 2014 Soba Noodle-Making Party Held at Children's Nursing Home
A customary spring vacation soba noodle-making party was held April 3 at Akatsuki Gakuen (Osamu Hishida, Director), a local children's nursing home in Tokai City which Toyofuji has continuously supported over the years.
Chairman Yasue of the Yasue group of soba restaurants also generously cooperated with his participation.
This was the sixteenth such soba party, held annually since 1994 as an important part of Toyofuji's social contribution activities. At this year's event, the children were joined by forty Toyofuji executives and employees, once again enjoying the experience of making soba noodles together.
Toyofuji enthusiastically looks forward to continuing the company's cooperation and support for this event.

December 2013 Toyofuji Provides Support to Victims of Typhoon on Leyte Island, Philippines
Toyofuji has collected contributions totaling 7 million yen from the company's employees and donated these funds to the Japan Red Cross as support for t he victims of Hurricane No. 30 (Haiyan), which directly struck the Philippines' central region on November 8.
We extend our deepest sympathies to all of those in the affected area and heartfelt prayers for a rapid recovery.

December 2013 Support for Child Welfare Facility
As a part of Toyofuji Shipping's social contribution activities, Toyofuji on December 19 presented a donation to Akatsuki Gakuen (OsamuHishida, Director), a local children's home in Tokai City to which the company has continually provided support since 1994. The donated funds were collected during a drive conducted within the company, by earmarking earnings from a December 11 charity bazaar for use in donations, and through other programs in which a great number of people cooperated. Toyofuji wholeheartedly intends to continue the company's cooperation and support in the future.
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