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Frequently Asked Questions

Overseas Transport and Forwarding Service

Answers to questions often asked by our customers.

Overseas Transport

  • Is it possible to call ports not on your schedules?
  • We can provide a response to this question upon request.
  • What types of cargo do you carry?
  • We mainly transport automobiles and construction machinery.
  • Do you carry personal items or cargo for residential moving?
  • Toyofuji does not offer services for handling personal items or household goods.

Forwarding service

  • What is the extent of operations one can request?
  • Export services cover everything from taking delivery to loading on the vessel, including packing, wrapping, documentation, customs, and loading. Import services cover operations ranging from customs clearance procedures to delivery.
  • Can you handle import or export procedures for individuals' cargo?
  • Toyofuji does not offer services for private, individual customers.