December 2015 Support for Child Welfare Facility

As a part of Toyofuji Shipping's social contribution activities, Toyofuji on December 22 presented a donation to Akatsuki Gakuen (Osamu Hishida, Director), a local children's home in Tokai City to which the company has continually provided support since 1994.
Funds gathered through in-house collection drives, charity bazaar earnings, and other funds were presented to the facility along with a gift of snacks and fruit.
Toyofuji wholeheartedly intends to continue the company's cooperation and support in the future.


November 2015 Toyofuji Holds Bon Voyage Concert 2015

On November 24th, the 2015 Toyofuji Bon Voyage Concert was held at Aichi Prefectural Art Theater's Concert Hall, the seventeenth such concert that Toyofuji has sponsored.

With this year's concert, the first following last year's commemoration of the company's 50th anniversary, we selected a program recalling the concept of the start of a "new voyage" and the energy and courage associated with it, incorporating the company's hopes and expectations as we set forth into the next fifty years.

The first part of the program centered on music used in Toyota Motor Corporation's "Re-BORN" campaign, blending thoughts and images of the new changes to be faced in the coming fifty years. In the second part of the program, these concepts were further joined with the powerful will to face and venture forth into the rough seas of global competition, as the audience enjoyed internationally active conductor Masahiko Enkoji leading the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra in a stirring performance of Dvorak's "New World Symphony."



November 2015 Toyofuji Exhibits at Messe Nagoya 2015

Toyofuji participated in the four-day "Messe Nagoya 2015" trade show held November 4-7 at Port Messe Nagoya on Nagoya Port's Kinjo Pier.

Established under the sponsorship of the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya City governments as a means of maintaining the spirit of 2005's "Aichikyuhaku" (Aichi Expo), Messe Nagoya has grown from 237 exhibitor companies at the initial event in 2006 to a record 1,346 exhibiting firms and organizations at this year's show, the tenth such event, with a total of 63,802 visitors attending.

Toyofuji also made our tenth consecutive appearance since the initial show, where Toyofuji staff members used video and panels to introduce and describe three types of company operations: domestic shipping, overseas shipping, and loading for export. Approximately 650 individuals visited the Toyofuji booth over the four days of the event, showing a deep interest in our shipping operations video, vessel models, and other exhibits.



October 2015 Toyofuji Holds On-Board Disaster Drill Demonstration

On October 9, Toyofuji Shipping held the company's "29th On-Board Disaster Drill Demonstration" on the TRANS FUTURE 7, in port at Berth I-5 at the Meiko Center. Conducted under the instruction of the Nagoya Coast Guard Office and Tokai Municipal Fire Department and assisted by ship management firms, the drill was attended by some 80 representatives from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's Chubu District Transport Bureau, Toyota Motor Corporation, and cargo shippers, port services companies, and other affiliated companies in the marine transport industry.

The aim of the disaster drill was to improve the skills of crew members in preventing fires and minimizing damage in the event of a fire. The scenario in this drill involved a fire breaking out in the engine room and initial efforts to extinguish the fire and perform CPR using AEDs on personnel injured (suffering cardiopulmonary arrest) during firefighting activity, as well as training in the evacuation of all hands. In addition to crew member training, the exercise also included a joint drill with the Nagoya Coast Guard Office and Tokai Municipal Fire Department in extinguishing fires with water sprayed by patrol boat fire hoses and carrying off injured personnel down ladders from the ship's upper deck.

Following the drill, an impressed Nagoya Coast Guard Office Director Toshio Toyokura said, "With Nagoya Port being Japan's No. 1 port in terms of vehicles and other cargo handled, Toyofuji Shipping shoulders enormous responsibilities, and I hope the company continues with its accident prevention program."

Constantly working to ensure safe, sure, high-quality transport services, Toyofuji Shipping continues to give top priority to the safe operation of the company's vessels and remains committed to the active promotion of safety activities.



September 2105 Toyofuji's Logistics Dojo Undergoes Renewal

Toyofuji Shipping announced on September 30 that renovation of the company's "Logistics Dojo" training center has been completed.
Improvements include an updated model of the Meiko Center base used as a training tool, fuller whiteboard coverage on walls, more lighting fixtures to improve the visibility of signage and notices and to brighten room interiors, new carpeting on floors, and other steps designed to provide this educational facility with an environment producing a favorable impression on visiting customers.

In addition, explanatory materials posted on walls have been renewed with revised content that makes it easier for our visitors to understand Toyofuji's approach to logistics standards, company measures, and other aspects of our operations.

Toyofuji will be utilizing the Logistics Dojo even more to expand new educational efforts and promote human resource development, maintain the company's safety and quality standards, and continue to provide our customers with value in logistics.



July 2015 Maritime Clean up Execution

As the Toyota Earth Charter, We executed a maritime cleaning of Nagoya Port on 27th of July as a part of social contribution and environment preservation.
Total 19 attendant went on board by small ships and actively collected dumped rubbish of nearby Meiko Center, Kinjo wharf and Tobishima wharf.
Although there was misty rain but we collected about 2㎥ waste during two hours.
Our company is going to keep participating spontaneously environment preservation campaign.


May 2015 Toyofuji Shipping Holds 2015 Safety Convention

The 2015 Toyofuji Shipping Safety Convention was held on May 11, 2015.
Special guests in attendance 11persons included Toyota Motor Corporation Senior Managing Director and Toyota Transportation Corporation president as well executives from partner port services companies and other affiliated companies in the marine transport industry.
This convention, featured a retrospective of our safety activities, reports on results of safety activities from the previous fiscal year, and plans for safety activities for the this year.
Especially this time Thai overseas subsidiary(TFLT) had been achieved "One million accident-free" and seven people were invited on behalf of six bases where the cargo handling work was developed and introducing of the safety quality activity and active cases in Thailand.
we will promote more improvement of the safety activity with the goal of "All accident zero" achievement in a domestic and foreign all bases and the ship services this year.



May 2015 Toyofuji Announces Opening of Yokohama Office

As part of the company's ongoing effort to provide our customers with fuller services, Toyofuji will be opening a new Yokohama Office. Details are as described below.

1. Date of opening: May 7, 2015 (Thu.)
2. Location name: Toyofuji Shipping Co., Ltd. Yokohama Office
・Address: 15 Daikokufuto, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi 230-0054(Map)
・Telephone: 045-505-2517 ・FAX: 045-505-2518


April 2015 Soba Noodle-Making Party Held at Children's Nursing Home

A customary spring vacation soba noodle-making party was held April 3 at Akatsuki Gakuen (Osamu Hishida, Director), a local children's nursing home in Tokai City, with cooperation generously provided by the traditional Nagoya soba restaurant "Yasue." The children enjoyed the experience of making soba noodles with Toyofuji executives and employees participating alongside them. Toyofuji enthusiastically looks forward to continuing the company's cooperation and support for this event.



April 8, 2015 Announcement Regarding Transfer of Directors and Advisors

Toyofuji has announced the following provisional changes in the Board of Directors, which will be determined on the date of the 63rd annual shareholders meeting held in June 2015.

Announcement Regarding Transfer of Directors and Advisors → 

April 2015 Announcement Regarding Transfer of Directors and Advisors

Announcement Regarding about the Organization in charge of from April 1, 2015 Managing Directors and Advisors.

Organization representative list → 

February 2015 Toyofuji Receives "Outstanding Cost Reduction Award" at Toyota Global Suppliers Convention

On February 27 at the Toyota Global Suppliers Convention sponsored by Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyofuji Shipping was awarded the "Outstanding Cost Reduction Award".

Conferred for "Improvements in Southeast Asia Shipping Routes," the award recognizes Toyofuji's efforts to reduce delays in AWS schedules due to port conditions in Thailand and Indonesia through revision of car shipping routes and other measures, along with other efforts that have contributed to Toyota's finished vehicle logistics.

Toyofuji President Kunio Komada was presented the "Outstanding Cost Reduction Award" by Toyota President Akio Toyoda before the assembled group of leaders and executives from approximately 500 of Toyota Motor Corporation's foreign and domestic suppliers at the Toyota Global Suppliers Convention, held at Nagoya Congress Center.

In addition, numerous visitors to the "Exhibit of Outstanding Examples," held Mar. 3-5 at the Toyota Motor Corporation Headquarters exhibition hall, were given a more detailed look at the improvement measures.

Encouraged by this award, Toyofuji will continue striving to improve while suggesting further plans to Toyota.


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