December 2020  Support for Child Welfare Facility

As a part of Toyofuji Shipping's social contribution activities, Toyofuji on December 25 presented a donation of approximately (*) to Akatsuki Gakuen, a local children's home in Tokai City to which the company has continually provided support since 1994.
Toyofuji intends to continue activities to support the facility in the future.

(*): Combined donation from company contributions and funds collected from executives, employees, and others.



December 2020  VSPS Australian Quarantine Scheme Certification

On December 24, 2020, Toyofuji Shipping acquired VSPS (Vessel Seasonal Pest Scheme) certification from Australia's Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Environment (Australian authorities).

The Australian government has reinforced quarantine inspections of ocean-going vessels calling at ports to prevent the entry of foreign insects, mainly stink bugs, into Australia. VSPS certification is being granted to shipping companies that meet standards set by Australia's quarantine authorities.

Certification is expected to facilitate quarantine inspections of Toyofuji vessels arriving in Australia and reduce the risk of scheduling delays. Toyofuji continues in our commitment to providing stable transport services with utmost consideration for the environment.

July 2020  HOYO-MARU Earns Top "5-Star" Rating in Energy Conservation
Rating System for Coastal Ships

The Toyofuji-operated HOYO-MARU has received the highest ranking of "5 stars" under the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's "Energy Conservation Rating System for Coastal Ships," the first RORO vessel to have achieved this rating.

Praised as a "vessel exhibiting extremely superior energy savings and CO2-reducing performance," the HOYO-MARU features a hydrodynamic hull designed to reduce wind pressure resistance and propulsion resistance as well as numerous kinds of energy-saving equipment.

While ensuring safe operation of the vessel and developing stable transport services, we will continue in our aim to be a green company that is considerate to our global environment.


June 2020  Toyofuji got Aichi-Nagoya Biodiversity Best Practices
"Good Practices" Award

One of our ECO activities “Marine Cleanup Activity at Nagoya Port” was selected as “Good Practices” award in Aichi-Nagoya Biodiversity Best Practices. (See URL below)

Toyofuji began this activity in 1999 and continued to engage this activity for many years. In this activity, Toyofuji staff get on boats and clean up marine waste inside port of Nagoya so as to protect marine life and ecosystem.

Encouraged by this award, we will continue to promote ECO activities and aim for environment-friendly “Green Company”.

URL link: https://www.pref.aichi.jp/soshiki/shizen/bestpractice.html

Certificate of commendation

Collecting waste from boat

July 2020  Car Carrier "HOYO-MARU" Enters Service

On July 2, Toyofuji Shipping's car carrier "HOYO MARU" made her first call at Toyota Motor Corporation's Meiko Center following construction of the vessel in May 2019 at Naikai Zosen Innoshima Shipyard in Hiroshima Prefecture. The following day, July 3, the company held a ceremony to pray for the vessel's safety and an onboard tour for employees.
It has been approximately two years since Toyofuji has built and put into service, when the "TRANS HARMONY 2" began sailing routes in 2018, and about twelve years for a ship built for domestic routes—the "TOYOFUJI MARU NO. 2"—entered service. The vessel features numerous advanced technologies that are designed to increase safety in the event of an emergency, reduce CO2 emissions, and improve the working environment for crews and port workers.

<Main Features>
• Use of latest hull designs and ship bottom paints to reduce resistance (from seawater and wind)
• Use of foam fire extinguishers for safer fire fighting activities
• Use of thermal insulating paint to stabilize temperatures inside the ship





June 2020  Toyofuji Presented Certificate of Appreciation by Japan
Meteorological Agency

Oceangoing vessels function as a worldwide system providing the nearest country with weather information observed at sea, in what is referred to as maritime weather observations or weather reports for ships.
Oceangoing vessels operated by Toyofuji also cooperate in this effort. The company was recently recognized for our active cooperation in providing information from our TRANS FUTURE 5, receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the Japan Meteorological Agency's Directory-General designating the ship an "vessel of excellence in observing marine weather conditions."



June 2020  Established “Toyofuji Environmental Challenge 2050”

Toyofuji Shipping has established “Toyofuji Environmental Challenge 2050”, an environmental vision for 2050, which clearly shows our attitude to work on global environmental issues.

As the only shipping company in the Toyota Group, on the premise of providing the highest level of logistics services, we will boldly take on the following 3 environmental issues in order to realize our long-term environmental vision.


March 2020  Toyofuji Receives Toyota "Outstanding Cost Reduction

Toyofuji Shipping was awarded the "Outstanding Cost Reduction Award" by Toyota Motor Corporation. This is the second time Toyofuji has received the award, after the company was similarly honored in 2015 for "Improvements in Southeast Asia Shipping Routes."
The improvement measures that earned the company this award in 2020, "Cost Reductions in East Asia Shipping Routes," involved leveraging the special features of the Toyofuji-designed vessels Trans Harmony 1 & 2 to maximize transport efficiency and improve routes. These measures were recognized as contributing to reducing costs in Toyota's vehicle logistics.
Encouraged by this award, Toyofuji will continue with its efforts to improve while suggesting further plans to Toyota.



February 2020  Naming and Launching Ceremony Held for New 2,000-
Vehicle Car Carrier Vessel (Jointly Owned Vessel for Domestic Routes)

On February 7th, a naming and launching ceremony was held for Toyofuji Shipping's new 2,000-vehicle car carrier vessel at Naikai Zosen Innoshima Shipyard in Hiroshima Prefecture.
Witnessed by invited guests and members of the general public, the enormous vessel was christened
"HOYO-MARU" and safely completed its launch into the waters.
After outfitting is completed in June, plans call for the ship to begin sailing between Tohoku and Kyushu, increasing our transport capacity and enabling even safer, higher quality transport systems.



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