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Forwarding Services

Offering top terminal services for Toyota Motor Corporation cargo, from documentation to management and operation of marine transport terminals, to handling of affairs on-site.

Toyofuji handles management and operation of Toyota Motor Corporation's marine transport terminals in Japan. Efficient import and export operations require a wealth of technology and expertise covering wide range of procedures, from generating necessary documentation to shifting and loading directions at the terminals, filing customs documents, and more.
We promote smooth and efficient procedures by combining our long years of expertise with the latest computer technology to ensuring greater safety, lower costs, and more rapid services. We work hard to bring our customers efficient, superior-quality services at all times.

Forwarding Services

Toyofuji's customers entrust our distribution experts to carry out the various procedures needed in handling automobiles, heavy machinery, plant equipment, and other such cargo, primarily at the Ports of Nagoya and Yokohama. In addition, we coordinate distribution in accordance with our customers' needs with service plans that offer shorter processing times at lower cost. Utilize Toyofuji Shipping for all your distribution needs, whether it be export of cargo overseas or import of cargo from abroad.

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