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Safety Measures

Toyofuji remains prepared for times of disaster with a systemized organization that includes regularly scheduled drills and thorough efforts with cooperating companies to ensure safety in operations and sailing.


Safety and Sanitation Committee
This committee works to prevent employees' work-related accidents while promoting health management, improved work environments, safe management of computer data, and other related tasks. Members also participate in traffic safety movements in cooperation with other regional entities
Lecture on Traffic Safety
Lecture on Traffic Safety
Workplace Disaster Drill in Head Office District
Workplace Disaster Drill in
Head Office District

Safe Work Practices Committee
Toyofuji works together with cooperating companies to prevent work-related accidents in distribution operations (storage, conveyance, and transport operations) and promote disaster prevention activities at marine transport terminals the company manages and administers.
Raising Safety Awareness
Raising Safety Awareness
Observing Basic Operations
Observing Basic Operations
Executives Inspecting Operations
Executives Inspecting Operations

Vessel Safety Committee
This committee promotes planned measures for safe operation and prevention of accidents on the company's fleet of vessels.
Disaster drills held regularly to
prepare for the unexpected
In cooperation with the Japan Coast Guard Joint Shipping Disaster Drill

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