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Social Contribution

Aiming to be a Good Corporate Citizen, Trusted by the International Community

We at Toyofuji believe that the existence of an enterprises is recognized only when society sees the enterprise as a necessity. Toyofuji constantly considers the community, engaging in activities on a daily basis to contribute to communities in a variety of ways in the hopes of helping, even if the effect is slight, to create a fulfilling, abundant society.

Cooperation in Oceanic Surveys

Toyofuji is working with the National Institute for Environmental Studies in conducting atmospheric and oceanographic monitoring studies.
* The company is currently helping with studies monitoring greenhouse gases along its North America and Oceania routes, South - east Asia Routes.

Upper Atmosphere Monitoring Lab

Upper Atmosphere Monitoring Lab

Ocean Monitoring Lab

Ocean Monitoring Lab

Supplying Seawater to Hekinan Seaside Aquarium

Toyofuji furnishes the Hekinan Seaside Aquarium with fresh, clean seawater from the open seas free of charge, helping keep the fish healthy for aquarium visitors to see.

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Support for Social Welfare Facilities

Toyofuji is committed to extending a helping hand to the children of the coming generations, visiting and holding a variety of events at childcare facilities and shelters, as well as providing economic support.

Disaster Aid

Toyofuji has formed support groups to be deployed in times of large-scale disasters, participating in relief efforts in affected areas. The company also has prepared a relief fund and set up a system to provide active support when needed.
Recent support activities include providing aid following the Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake and the Indonesia/Sumatra offshore earthquake and tsunami.
Furthermore, in June of 2006, Toyofuji made a disaster preparedness agreement with the cities of Tokai and Kamaishi to transport supplies and aid equipment using Toyofuji's fleet in the event of either city suffering a major disaster.

Participation in Social and Cultural Activities

Toyofuji supports various cultural activities, supporting the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra and hosting concerts as corporate sponsor.

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