June 2021  Toyofuji Presented Certificate of Appreciation by Japan
Meteorological Agency

Oceangoing vessels function as a worldwide system providing the nearest country with weather information observed at sea, in what is referred to as maritime weather observations or weather reports for ships. Oceangoing vessels operated by Toyofuji also cooperate in this effort.
The company was recently recognized for our active cooperation in providing information from our TRANS FUTURE 7, receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the Japan Meteorological Agency's Directory-General. Following the TRANS FUTURE 5's award last year, this makes the second consecutive year that our company was received this commendation. Due to concerns about the novel coronavirus, no award ceremony was held.



January 2021  Notice of Reorganization

Toyofuji Shipping announced on January 1, 2021 the establishment of a Green Company Promotion Office, created with the aim of promoting "Toyofuji Environmental Challenge 2050" initiatives and environmental activities.

The company is taking this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to meeting our customers' expectations through continual improvements in customer satisfaction.
We look forward to your continued patronage.

Organizational Chart

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