October 2021 New Company established in the China (Tianjin)

We are pleased to announce that we have established our new company in Tianjin China.
The company starts operation on October 2021.

(abbr. : TFLC)
Address Room 2203, Tianjin International Building, 75
Nanjing Road, Heping District, Tianjin 300050,
P.R. China
Contact Number TEL +86-22-2311-5522
FAX +86-22-8319-1250


September 2021  Disaster Emergency Transport Agreement Signing Ceremony Held

A ceremony for the signing of an "Agreement on Emergency Transport by Ship in the Event of Disaster" was was held on September 10 at Tahara City Hall. The agreement was signed by Tahara Mayor Masayoshi Yamashita and Toyofuji President Eiji Takeichi.

A large-scale earthquake or other major disaster striking Tahara City may result in the surrounding roads being cut off and vehicles being stranded and unable to move. In such an event, Toyofuji pledges to cooperate to the greatest extent possible, using our vessels to transport emergency supplies and for other tasks.

At the signing ceremony, President Takeichi addressed the assembly, saying, "I hope to repay the people of Tahara City for their tremendous consideration over the years." Afterwards, Mayor Yamashita said, "With a disaster possibly cutting off not only the roads but the peninsula itself, we are extremely grateful knowing we can expect supplies to be brought in by ship."

This is the second disaster agreement Toyofuji has signed, following an agreement with Tokai City and Kamaishi City in 2006.

If an emergency does arise, we will be there to cooperate as much as possible.


August 2021  Toyofuji Presented with Certificate of Appreciation from Miyagi Prefecture' Sendai Port

Sendai Port, which opened in July 1971, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary in July 2021.
Toyofuji Shipping has received a certificate of appreciation from Miyagi Prefecture thanking us for our substantial contributions through our efforts to promote use of the port with our scheduled routes for coastal vessels.

Our vessels have been calling at the current Sendai Port since January 1981, and we now make port calls once every two days.

A ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the opening of Sendai Port was scheduled for the 18th. Unfortunately, the event was canceled due to the spread of the novel coronavirus.


June 2021  Announcement Regarding Transfer of Directors

Toyofuji has made changes in the Board of Directors at the 69th annual shareholders meeting to be held June 22, 2021 and the subsequent meeting of the Board of Directors.

Details : Company Guide Board of Directors

June 2021  Toyofuji Presented Certificate of Appreciation by Japan
Meteorological Agency

Oceangoing vessels function as a worldwide system providing the nearest country with weather information observed at sea, in what is referred to as maritime weather observations or weather reports for ships. Oceangoing vessels operated by Toyofuji also cooperate in this effort.
The company was recently recognized for our active cooperation in providing information from our TRANS FUTURE 7, receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the Japan Meteorological Agency's Directory-General. Following the TRANS FUTURE 5's award last year, this makes the second consecutive year that our company was received this commendation. Due to concerns about the novel coronavirus, no award ceremony was held.



May 2021  Toyofuji Holds 2021 Bon Voyage Concert Online

The "2021 Toyofuji Bon Voyage Online Concert" was held on May 18th. It was the twenty-second time that Toyofuji Shipping has sponsored the musical event.

In prioritizing the public's safety and security during a resurgence in coronavirus infections, the performance at Aichi Prefectural Art Theater's Concert Hall was held without an audience present, and instead was streamed live online (on YouTube).

Starting with the first Bon Voyage Concert in 1998, these concerts have been held as events to express our thanks to the many customers and client firms on whose patronage we constantly rely.

In this year's concert, conductor So Awatsuji led the Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra with soprano Yui Takahashi and hornist Mayu Anzuchi, brightening the spirits of the audience in their homes with a program of splendid music and providing a welcome respite from the concerns of everyday life.

We sincerely hope all may meet at the concert hall for next year's event.




January 2021  Notice of Reorganization

Toyofuji Shipping announced on January 1, 2021 the establishment of a Green Company Promotion Office, created with the aim of promoting "Toyofuji Environmental Challenge 2050" initiatives and environmental activities.

The company is taking this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to meeting our customers' expectations through continual improvements in customer satisfaction.
We look forward to your continued patronage.

Organizational Chart

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